The Most Liberal Thing Ever

Open borders activism? Check.

Demands for recognition of alternative lifestyles? Check.

Accusations of unfair targeting by police? Check.

Take it away, Washington Times:

“[G]ay-rights advocates, in particular, said their concerns went unheeded [by the president’s executive action.] They said that the president’s decision to limit his deportation amnesty to family ties excludes many of them, since their lifestyle doesn’t often include children who are the central focus of the president’s plan.

“As a community, we know that we do not fit the normal definition of families that continue to dominate public discourse. Many LGBTQ undocumented immigrants do not have families that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents that could allow them to qualify for the program,” said Yesenia Valdez, organizer for Familia TQLM.

The gay-rights groups said they also end up targeted by police, which means some of them — particularly transgender women — end up with criminal records more often than others, which could leave them unable to gain access to the president’s relief program.”