Obama Wipes Butt With Constitution, “Irking Republicans”

As President Obama prepares to move forward tonight with his unconstitutional executive action on amnesty, much of America is expressing its outrage over this unprecedented power grab. Not the liberal media, though. Rather than report the truth, news outlets have defended the decision to delay deportation for as many as five million illegal immigrants as being well within the law, while simultaneously slamming Republicans for “overreacting.” Take Reuters, for example, whose report of the announcement was headlined “Obama to act unilaterally on immigration, irking Republicans”:


“Irking Republicans?” That kinda downplays what’s happening here just a tad, does it not? Reuters makes it sound like Obama grabbed Mitch McConnell’s last Rice Krispie treat, or changed the radio station in John Boehner’s car, instead of DRASTICALLY REWRITING THE CONSTITUTION.

Which made us wonder: what else would Reuters let Obama get away with?