President Obama to Announce Executive Amnesty Thursday

From the Washington Post: “President Obama to announce executive action on immigration Thursday”

President Obama will announce Thursday that he will use his executive authority to expand temporary protections to millions of undocumented immigrants, according to several individuals who have been briefed on the decision. Obama will travel to Las Vegas on the heels of that announcement to rally support for his initiative on Friday.

Congress will receive official details on the move Thursday, according to a senior Democratic Party official.

Even before final confirmation of the president’s plans, outside advocates began readying events to promote the administration’s immigration policy.

“We hear there will be a prime time Thursday evening announcement (to preview) and full unveiling in Vegas on Friday,” immigration advocate Dawn Le wrote in an email to other activists, which was later inadvertently sent to a group of reporters Wednesday morning. “Can folks begin to work and plan watch parties for Thursday and/or Friday? Unclear whether Thursday night content will be what is “celebratory”, but Friday will be where we need a lot of energy guaranteed.”

From the New York Times: “Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration Is Unlikely to Include Health Benefits”

Millions of undocumented immigrants who are set to be granted a form of legal status by President Obama as early as this week will not receive one key benefit: government subsidies for health care available under the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Obama is preparing to use his executive authority to provide work permits for up to five million people who are in the United States illegally, and to shield them from deportation. But an official familiar with the administration’s deliberations said on Tuesday that such people would not be eligible for subsidized, low-cost plans from the government’s health insurance marketplace,

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the president has not announced details of the plan, said the immigrants would most likely be treated the same way that so-called Dreamers — undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children — were under a similar executive action in 2012. The Dreamers did not receive health care benefits.

From Deadline: “Obama Immigration Speech: CBS, Fox, NBC & ABC Not Airing”

While Obama’s speech will be seen on their cable news siblings, Fox and NBC are not carrying it live on their broadcast networks tomorrow night. CNN, along with Fox News and MSNBC, will be showing the speech live. A CBS News division spokesperson says the network will also not be showing Obama’s approximately 15-minute address on Thursday night…

One network will absolutely be showing the speech live, I’ve learned.

With an audience that will be very interested in what Obama has to say, Univision has the 2014 Latin Grammys on tomorrow night from 8 – 11 PM. The speech and possible analysis will be cutting into that broadcast.


From the Weekly Standard: “Sessions: Obama Now ‘Emperor of the United States’”

“President Obama previously said he could not issue an executive amnesty because ‘I’m the President of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Well, apparently we now have an ‘Emperor of the United States,’” Sessions writes in a statement.

From the Washington Times: “DHS secretary says country could face new surge of illegals”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned Wednesday that the country could face another spike in illegal immigration as the U.S. economy picks up and as seasonal patterns change, though he said they have made major progress in combatting the surge of illegal immigrant children that wrong-footed his department earlier this year.

“We’re determined that we need to do more ourselves for border security,” Mr. Johnson said in a speech at the National Press Club sponsored by Democratic group NDN. “I’m concerned about the possibility of another rise in illegal migration.”

From Politico: “Trolling the GOP”

And now, we hear, the president plans to announce his decision Thursday, despite pleas even from Senate Democrats who would like him to wait until they can pass an omnibus spending bill and avert any shutdown threat. If he wanted to, of course, the president could minimize the risk of a disruption in government funding by simply waiting until the Dec. 11 deadline for the expiration of the latest spending bill. Obama is under pressure to make the move sooner from Hispanic lobbies and others who are angry with him for delaying until after the midterms. But it is very possible that the president has another motive as well: blowing up the GOP.

Despite the strong sense coming from the House Republican leadership that it has far more control over its caucus now than it did during the Tea-Party-fueled insurgency of 2010, no issue has more potential than immigration to ignite the hard-right base and embarrass Speaker John Boehner—especially after the speaker’s post-election warning to Obama not to “play with matches”—or to cause headaches for the GOP heading into the 2016 elections.

The White House knows this. Thus, we could be witnessing the deployment of a strategy in which the president does indeed play with matches, quite deliberately, and he’s about to throw one right into the tinderbox of the House GOP caucus. If, by leaking to Fox News, the White House’s “intention” was “causing maximum disruption and argument,” then Operation Epic Troll has been a smashing success.

From the Weekly Standard: “Boehner: Obama Guilty of ‘Flagrant Untruth’ Regarding Executive Amnesty”

With the White House poised to grant executive amnesty any day now despite the American people’s staunch opposition, on Sunday President Obama was asked about the many, many statements he made in the past about his inability to unilaterally change or ignore immigration law. His response was astonishingly brazen: “Actually, my position hasn’t changed. When I was talking to the advocates, their interest was in me, through executive action, duplicating the legislation that was stalled in Congress.”

This is a flagrant untruth: “In fact, most of the questions that were posed to the president over the past several years were about the very thing that he is expected to announce within a matter of days,” reported The New York Times. “[T]he questions actually specifically addressed the sorts of actions that he is contemplating now,” The Washington Post’s Fact Checker agreed, awarding President Obama the rare “Upside-Down Pinocchio,” which signifies “a major-league flip-flop.” Even piled on.

President Obama is once again trying to mislead Americans, but he can’t run from what he’s said over and over (and over) again. Not only are Americans not stupid – they can read[.]

From Politico: Rick Perry: “Texas Might Sue Barack Obama”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the Lone Star State might sue Barack Obama’s administration over the president’s planned executive order to grant relief to as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants.
“I think that’s probably a very real possibility,” Perry said during a panel here at the Republican Governors Association’s annual meeting.

From Politico: “Obama Is Not a Monarch”

When the president usurps the legislative power and defies the limits of his authority, it becomes all the more imperative for Congress to act. And Congress should use those powers given to it by the Constitution to counter a lawless executive branch—or it will lose its authority.

If the president announces executive amnesty, the new Senate majority leader who takes over in January should announce that the 114th Congress will not confirm a single nominee—executive or judicial—outside of vital national security positions, so long as the illegal amnesty persists…

Additionally, the new Congress should exercise the power of the purse by passing individual appropriations bills authorizing critical functions of government and attaching riders to strip the authority from the president to grant amnesty.

President Obama will no doubt threaten a shutdown—that seems to be the one card he repeatedly plays—but Congress can authorize funding for agencies of government one at a time. If the President is unwilling to accept funding for, say, the Department of Homeland Security without his being able to unilaterally defy the law, he alone will be responsible for the consequences.