Coming Soon to Lena Dunham’s Christmas List: Frozen-Inspired Japanese Bras That Change Color When Sisters Touch

Obviously inspired by that famous scene in Frozen when Elsa and Anna touch boobies and their bras change color:

According to Triumph, the bizarre Japanese lingerie company behind this bizarre Japanese lingerie,

The ‘Close Sisters Bras’ (and matching skirts) are designed to celebrate the close bonds formed between women.

“The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan,” said Triumph in a statement.

The bras come in a wintery blue colour with a snowflake pattern on the cup. The models showcasing the bras also wore tiaras, giving a nod to the regal heritage of Elsa and Anna from the Disney cartoon.

The pure, white snowflake pattern is the bra’s “resting mode”. When the wearer comes in contact with someone else wearing the same undergarment, their touch passes an electrical current that charges the bras’ fabric, turning them a naughty shade of black.

Somewhere in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney must be spinning in his liquid nitrogen- encased cryogenic chamber.