The Most Interesting Man in the World: Rob O’Neill, the SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden

Screw the bearded guy from the commercials, supposedly so worldly, he’s experienced every adventure and carnal pleasure known to man but who settled on a subpar Mexican swill as his drink of choice. Rob O’Neill, former SEAL Team Six member, is truly the Most Interesting Man in the World. Not only was he revealed this week as the man who shot history’s most notorious terrorist, 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, but he also played a key role in two other rescues that were recently immortalized on the big screen:

He was the lead jumper on the Maersk Alabama, the ship taken over by Somali pirates, whose rescue turned into the Oscar-winning movie Captain Phillips.

‘He was the first man out of the bird,’ his father remembered proudly.

He helped save SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the one man who lived to tell of a failed mission to capture a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. That made it to the big screen as ‘Lone Survivor.’

‘He is still friendly with Marcus, they had dinner together just the other day,’ said his father.

And then there was ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ the Oscar-nominated story of bin Laden’s killing.

O’Neill will be the center of an upcoming Fox News special entitled, “The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden”. Although he has been interviewed before, most recently in an Esquire piece last year, his past statements have been made anonymously. O’Neill becomes the second SEAL from the famed Abbottabad mission to go public, following in the footsteps of Matthew Bisonnette, who penned the 2012 book No Easy Day under the pseudonym Mark Owen. His decision to come forward has sparked controversy: like Bisonnette before him, O’Neill has aroused the ire of Navy brass for breaking the SEAL code of silence.

The Fox News interview airs next Tuesday at 10 pm.